Think of something you love doing. Think of something you’re really good at. It can be almost anything. Ok, not everything, but something productive and enticing at the same time. Let me tell you a story about how I started making a living out of a hobby, something I enjoyed doing. A year ago I was unemployed. I had a degree in Art History, a huge student loan to pay off and an annoying and overbearing family. I felt like a burden, and most of all, I felt useless. I remembered those days when I used to cry my eyes out looking at the ceiling, in a room that suffocated me, while my parents argued downstairs.


The topic in question was usually money problems. As an only child, I was used to getting my way. However, now, it was up to me to get a job and start making a living. There is a great supply of Art History students but not so much demand. In my hometown, there weren’t a lot of galleries and museums, so not much work for an art historian, no matter how good of a student he or she had been.

One day, I remember going to a yard sale with a friend, to get out of the house for a change, when I noticed something that would later change the course of my life for good. Jars. Glass jars. Hundreds of them stacked on top of the other. I asked the woman who was selling the stuff, why they had so many jars, in different shapes and sizes. She told me that they belonged to her father who used to live here. He collected them.

I thought that was weird. They were all made of glass, very transparent and clean. It seemed as though they had been polished every day over a long period. I thought they were pretty, and that a little paint would do them well.


They would look great on the shelves in my room. Or in the kitchen. So I bought a dozen as they were quite cheap. The next day I started decorating them with pearls, watercolors, small pieces of cloth, shells and other stuff.

I showed to my friends who loved them. Soon I posted pics of them on Facebook and people started asking if I could make some for them. I started making more and more of them as time went by. I even started painting the art classics on them like Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and similar stuff.

I got quite good at it so my friend suggested I should sell them online.So I did. Now, I make good money out of it. True story.

There are quite a few ways to earn money online. I heard of this thing called binary options, which is like trading on the stock market but a bit different. I have been researching it for some time now, and I found a site where I learned quite a bit. It’s called I invested some money that I earned, and the investment paid off. The Internet is a powerful thing; I make my living online, and I have also found a way to increase my income. Anyway, you can find a thing you’re good at and with the help of the Internet and a bit of research, make a living as I did.