The other day I was sitting with my friend on lunch. It’s been a while since we saw each other, so we had much to discuss. We talked about sports, particularly the NBA. We talked about how powerful new Golden State team will look. Then we talked about music and movies, particularly the Tarantino movies. He said that the latest Tarantino movie, The Hateful Eight, is his best film. I completely disagreed, and I hope that you readers will agree with me. It is a hard topic to talk about, especially to pick his best movie because he made so many of them.


At the end of our meeting, we talked about more serious topics. I told him that I currently don’t have enough money for all my plans. I got a good salary; it won’t cover all most expenses because I want to redecorate my house, and I also want to go on a holiday with my family. He then started to tell me about a thing that can fix my problems.

He started to talk about some broker from Wall Street, and I was confused because I knew that he never was in those sorts of things. But then he explained to me what he is talking about and listened to him. After a while, I went home, listened to his advice and tomorrow I was richer for 500 dollars.

That sort of money was enough to cover all my wishes. You are probably now confused, but don’t worry I will explain this to you.


He told me about the Binary options, a way of earning some money online. It sounds very complicated, but it is far simpler than you imagine. The first step is to search Binary options at your browser so you could learn everything there is a need to know. I was surprised how much there is to read about them online, eve tough I never heard about them before. The key element of Binary options is to predict whether some asset’s performance will go up or down.

For example, you can pick the difference between currencies of Euro and the Dollar. If you think that tomorrow at five ‘o’clock will be smaller, you go to the specified Binary options website, click the option PUT and wait to see if you are correct. If you think that it will be bigger, then click the option CALL. If you were correct, then you money will multiple with their index which is always 1.85. So if you invest 100 dollars, you will earn 185 dollars.

And basically, that’s it.

I told my friend about winnings, and I said to him that the next drink is on me. But, he also told me that this doesn’t have to end here. He told me that there are a lot of other possibilities in the world of Binary options where I can earn even more money. He told me that there are other things I need to learn about them. So I can’t wait to learn more about this, and maybe I can even write a part two of this article after my friend makes me a much richer man.