Even though we use the internet every day, regular people do not think that we can earn some money on it. People are still considering the internet as a tool of fun, entertainment, and communication. Before going to work, some man will wake up, go to his Facebook profile, he will then see the news on his favorite website, and maybe afterward will contact someone on a Skype and play his favorite game. That man does not realize that some people are trying to earn some money online, and some people are even hired to be on the internet. People must know that finance and internet work just fine.

One way of being hired online is to have a job in which you are required to be online. One of these jobs is the community manager job.

Being a community manager is today one of the most frequently online activities. This is the person responsible for the design and management of communication on social networks (mainly on the Facebook) for the purpose of brand marketing, but also celebrities (There are many celebrities fan groups which regular persons administrate).

There is no formal education for this employment, but there are workshops that are run by recognized experts who can train you in the short term to work on social networks.


It does not hurt to know the basics of Photoshop and clients will probably ask you to make Facebook plans and reports in Microsoft programs such as Excel and PowerPoint.

So if you want to be employed as CM, the Microsoft Office is a must-know software. Part of the Community Manager job is to deal with advertising on Facebook, even though this is assigned to the specialized experts. But it is good to know at least the basics of advertising since most of your posts must be advertised in some way.

Do not stop just on Facebook, but open profiles on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter because these social networks have their audience, but also companies want to present sometimes on these networks as well.

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CM is a job, but you can work as a freelancer as well and earn some cash, and you can do that in almost any sphere of life. Fiverr is a great opportunity to earn some money.

Everything is accessible, from writing and translation, through work in Photoshop to the voice recording for a variety of purposes. Try this website and offer your services for a certain amount of money and you might just have some luck.

The default price is five dollars, but you can offer additional services for additional money. Similarly, but on a slightly higher level and for larger amounts, you can work on Upwork.

Of course, earning money does not have to be related to jobs. There are many online betting websites for all of you who like to gamble. I do not like that. I prefer binary options which can be related to gambling, but it is much different. It is more similar to the stock market, and it is also a good way of earning some money.