Not so long ago, I sat with a friend who is not from around. He is from Belgium, and we met when I studied for a semester in Europe. We kept in touch, even though our friendship started a while ago, before Skype and other communicative things which are very helpful for connecting with someone who is far away. We wrote letters and visited each other. After the Skype and Facebook had become global, we started to write each other more often. Because of that, we did not see each other that often, but he told me a few months ago that he will visit my house and that we will party like back in the days.


I wasn’t so happy about it because we are much older now since we left college but I was keen to see him. We did not see each other for at least five years. I picked him up at the airport and showed him my neighborhood and a house where I live. Afterward, we sat in my favorite bar, and we started to talk. Because we did not see each other for that long, we had much to talk about. We compared music and movies and all other pop cultural things that joined us back in the day.

After a while, I had a weird feeling in my stomach.

I realized that I don’t know what he is doing for a living. I was ashamed because, even though we don’t see each other, and we don’t live in the same country and continent, I considered him as a close friend. SO after a fourth beer, I took some courage to ask him what his job is. He then smiled because he also then realized that we never spoke about that. So the situation was easier for me.

He then told me that he is doing a lot of things because he is unemployed and has to do something. But he then told me all sorts of things that I did not know.


He lives from the internet because, although he is unemployed, he lives pretty nice. He gives online lessons of English language.

Every day he talks via Skype with some people, mostly from Asia, and give them English lessons. He also told me that he is doing lots of other things as well. He told me something about ClickBank and binary options. He said that the Clickbank is a bazaar where men register their e-books and additional digital goods so they could be a magnet for affiliates.

That I wasn’t so sure why is effective, but binary options sounded amazing. It is an online app for guessing some financial assets. You compare lots of stuff and put some money weather will that stuff go up or down. If you predict correctly, you will win some money. For all other information you can read more here.
I learned a lot from my meeting with a friend from abroad. I learned that the internet gives us a lot of opportunities to earn some money, and I also learned that capable men will always find the way to earn some money for them and their families. I also learned about those binary options, and I can’t wait to try them out.