How Did I Turn A Hobby Into A Lucrative Business

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Think of something you love doing. Think of something you’re really good at. It can be almost anything. Ok, not everything, but something productive and enticing at the same time. Let me tell you a story about how I started making a living out of a hobby, something I enjoyed doing. A year ago I was unemployed. I had a degree in Art History, a huge student loan to pay off and an annoying and overbearing family. I felt like a burden, and most of all, I felt useless. I remembered those days when I used to cry my eyes out looking at the ceiling, in a room that suffocated me, while my parents argued downstairs.


The topic in question was usually money problems. As an only child, I was used to getting my way. However, now, it was up to me to get a job and start making a living. There is a great supply of Art History students but not so much demand. In my hometown, there weren’t a lot of galleries and museums, so not much work for an art historian, no matter how good of a student he or she had been.

One day, I remember going to a yard sale with a friend, to get out of the house for a change, when I noticed something that would later change the course of my life for good. Jars. Glass jars. Hundreds of them stacked on top of the other. I asked the woman who was selling the stuff, why they had so many jars, in different shapes and sizes. She told me that they belonged to her father who used to live here. He collected them.

I thought that was weird. They were all made of glass, very transparent and clean. It seemed as though they had been polished every day over a long period. I thought they were pretty, and that a little paint would do them well.


They would look great on the shelves in my room. Or in the kitchen. So I bought a dozen as they were quite cheap. The next day I started decorating them with pearls, watercolors, small pieces of cloth, shells and other stuff.

I showed to my friends who loved them. Soon I posted pics of them on Facebook and people started asking if I could make some for them. I started making more and more of them as time went by. I even started painting the art classics on them like Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and similar stuff.

I got quite good at it so my friend suggested I should sell them online.So I did. Now, I make good money out of it. True story.

There are quite a few ways to earn money online. I heard of this thing called binary options, which is like trading on the stock market but a bit different. I have been researching it for some time now, and I found a site where I learned quite a bit. It’s called I invested some money that I earned, and the investment paid off. The Internet is a powerful thing; I make my living online, and I have also found a way to increase my income. Anyway, you can find a thing you’re good at and with the help of the Internet and a bit of research, make a living as I did.

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Capability Of Men To Earn Some Money

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Not so long ago, I sat with a friend who is not from around. He is from Belgium, and we met when I studied for a semester in Europe. We kept in touch, even though our friendship started a while ago, before Skype and other communicative things which are very helpful for connecting with someone who is far away. We wrote letters and visited each other. After the Skype and Facebook had become global, we started to write each other more often. Because of that, we did not see each other that often, but he told me a few months ago that he will visit my house and that we will party like back in the days.


I wasn’t so happy about it because we are much older now since we left college but I was keen to see him. We did not see each other for at least five years. I picked him up at the airport and showed him my neighborhood and a house where I live. Afterward, we sat in my favorite bar, and we started to talk. Because we did not see each other for that long, we had much to talk about. We compared music and movies and all other pop cultural things that joined us back in the day.

After a while, I had a weird feeling in my stomach.

I realized that I don’t know what he is doing for a living. I was ashamed because, even though we don’t see each other, and we don’t live in the same country and continent, I considered him as a close friend. SO after a fourth beer, I took some courage to ask him what his job is. He then smiled because he also then realized that we never spoke about that. So the situation was easier for me.

He then told me that he is doing a lot of things because he is unemployed and has to do something. But he then told me all sorts of things that I did not know.


He lives from the internet because, although he is unemployed, he lives pretty nice. He gives online lessons of English language.

Every day he talks via Skype with some people, mostly from Asia, and give them English lessons. He also told me that he is doing lots of other things as well. He told me something about ClickBank and binary options. He said that the Clickbank is a bazaar where men register their e-books and additional digital goods so they could be a magnet for affiliates.

That I wasn’t so sure why is effective, but binary options sounded amazing. It is an online app for guessing some financial assets. You compare lots of stuff and put some money weather will that stuff go up or down. If you predict correctly, you will win some money. For all other information you can read more here.
I learned a lot from my meeting with a friend from abroad. I learned that the internet gives us a lot of opportunities to earn some money, and I also learned that capable men will always find the way to earn some money for them and their families. I also learned about those binary options, and I can’t wait to try them out.

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How To Earn Enough For Upcoming Holidays

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The other day I was sitting with my friend on lunch. It’s been a while since we saw each other, so we had much to discuss. We talked about sports, particularly the NBA. We talked about how powerful new Golden State team will look. Then we talked about music and movies, particularly the Tarantino movies. He said that the latest Tarantino movie, The Hateful Eight, is his best film. I completely disagreed, and I hope that you readers will agree with me. It is a hard topic to talk about, especially to pick his best movie because he made so many of them.


At the end of our meeting, we talked about more serious topics. I told him that I currently don’t have enough money for all my plans. I got a good salary; it won’t cover all most expenses because I want to redecorate my house, and I also want to go on a holiday with my family. He then started to tell me about a thing that can fix my problems.

He started to talk about some broker from Wall Street, and I was confused because I knew that he never was in those sorts of things. But then he explained to me what he is talking about and listened to him. After a while, I went home, listened to his advice and tomorrow I was richer for 500 dollars.

That sort of money was enough to cover all my wishes. You are probably now confused, but don’t worry I will explain this to you.


He told me about the Binary options, a way of earning some money online. It sounds very complicated, but it is far simpler than you imagine. The first step is to search Binary options at your browser so you could learn everything there is a need to know. I was surprised how much there is to read about them online, eve tough I never heard about them before. The key element of Binary options is to predict whether some asset’s performance will go up or down.

For example, you can pick the difference between currencies of Euro and the Dollar. If you think that tomorrow at five ‘o’clock will be smaller, you go to the specified Binary options website, click the option PUT and wait to see if you are correct. If you think that it will be bigger, then click the option CALL. If you were correct, then you money will multiple with their index which is always 1.85. So if you invest 100 dollars, you will earn 185 dollars.

And basically, that’s it.

I told my friend about winnings, and I said to him that the next drink is on me. But, he also told me that this doesn’t have to end here. He told me that there are a lot of other possibilities in the world of Binary options where I can earn even more money. He told me that there are other things I need to learn about them. So I can’t wait to learn more about this, and maybe I can even write a part two of this article after my friend makes me a much richer man.

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Online “jobs”

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Even though we use the internet every day, regular people do not think that we can earn some money on it. People are still considering the internet as a tool of fun, entertainment, and communication. Before going to work, some man will wake up, go to his Facebook profile, he will then see the news on his favorite website, and maybe afterward will contact someone on a Skype and play his favorite game. That man does not realize that some people are trying to earn some money online, and some people are even hired to be on the internet. People must know that finance and internet work just fine.

One way of being hired online is to have a job in which you are required to be online. One of these jobs is the community manager job.

Being a community manager is today one of the most frequently online activities. This is the person responsible for the design and management of communication on social networks (mainly on the Facebook) for the purpose of brand marketing, but also celebrities (There are many celebrities fan groups which regular persons administrate).

There is no formal education for this employment, but there are workshops that are run by recognized experts who can train you in the short term to work on social networks.


It does not hurt to know the basics of Photoshop and clients will probably ask you to make Facebook plans and reports in Microsoft programs such as Excel and PowerPoint.

So if you want to be employed as CM, the Microsoft Office is a must-know software. Part of the Community Manager job is to deal with advertising on Facebook, even though this is assigned to the specialized experts. But it is good to know at least the basics of advertising since most of your posts must be advertised in some way.

Do not stop just on Facebook, but open profiles on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter because these social networks have their audience, but also companies want to present sometimes on these networks as well.

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CM is a job, but you can work as a freelancer as well and earn some cash, and you can do that in almost any sphere of life. Fiverr is a great opportunity to earn some money.

Everything is accessible, from writing and translation, through work in Photoshop to the voice recording for a variety of purposes. Try this website and offer your services for a certain amount of money and you might just have some luck.

The default price is five dollars, but you can offer additional services for additional money. Similarly, but on a slightly higher level and for larger amounts, you can work on Upwork.

Of course, earning money does not have to be related to jobs. There are many online betting websites for all of you who like to gamble. I do not like that. I prefer binary options which can be related to gambling, but it is much different. It is more similar to the stock market, and it is also a good way of earning some money.

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